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FAQ / Superbills: FAQ

Are you in network with my insurance plan?

We are not in network with any insurance companies, and we are not contracted with any programs. We are strictly a private pay, "fee for service" facility.

If you request it, we will issue superbills, which you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement. The success of this varies widely among insurance companies and plans. We strongly encourage you to call your insurance provider to discuss your options prior to beginning therapy with us.

Why don't you bill insurance?

Over the years, we've noticed a trend of insurance companies limiting our services and making treatment decisions that we feel should be between the client and therapist. In order to return to a truly client-focused practice, it is necessary to work within a different framework.

What is the cost of therapy?

In accordance with the No Surprises Act, clients who do not wish to submit claims to their insurance providers will receive a written "Good Faith Estimate". This will give you a complete look at the financial information so you can make an informed decision.

If you plan to submit super bills to your insurance provider, we STRONGLY suggest that you call and discuss your benefits prior to beginning therapy with us.

Please note, optional services we offer, such as Playground Playdates, are not considered therapeutic intervention. They are not included on Good Faith Estimates or superbills, and they are not reimbursable from insurance.

How do I pay?

We accept payment through Theraplatform Client Portal using a credit card on file. Session charges are automatically billed to your card following each sessin.

What if the therapist cancels our session?

While we make every attempt to avoid cancellations, sometimes emergencies happen. Should your therapist be unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we will attempt to find a substitute therapist. If this is not possible, you may be offered a make-up session or a virtual session.

What is your COVID-19 protocol?

​We take the health of our staff and clients seriously. We follow the most recent recommendations from the CDC and medical community for any communicable diseases. 

If you you have reason to believe you or your child may have COVID, flu, or another illness, we kindly ask that you reschedule your session. 

If I arrive late, can we extend the session end time?

We understand that sometimes things come up, and around here, traffic is a big one! However, it would be unfair to both our staff and other clients to not respect the scheduled therapy times. Unfortunately, the minutes you have missed will be lost, and the session will end at the scheduled time. Occasionally, the therapist may have a cancellation in the schedule and may offer to accommodate, but this is neither required nor expected.


What is a Superbill, and what do you do with it?

A superbill is a list of services and codes that can be submitted to your insurance company. This document is necessary for your insurance provider to determine approval of your out of network claim. Each provider has their own process for submitting out of network or non-participating provider claims.

Below are links to instructions for some common insurance providers, but you should check directly with your provider to determine whether you can be reimbursed for our services. 

Your insurance plan may require a referral or prior authorization, so it's best to contact them before we begin the evaluation process.

Note: Only therapy services are eligible for reimbursement. Playdates are not reimbursable. 

FAQ / Superbills: List
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