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Child playing with colorful clay making a caterpillar. Imagination and curiosity are essen

The Caterpillar Process

Six Weeks of Work, One Week of Rest

Caterpillars enter the world on a quest for the best ways to grow, using their whole bodies to explore. They rest inside their cocoons to transform into beautiful butterflies, ready to fly. We took inspiration from them to design our therapy framework. We believe in working, playing, and resting - balance.

Caterpillars are made of segments, each connected to the next. They move their bodies just an inch at a time, and they can go far.

Our therapeutic framework consists of segments of therapy, with connections in between. 

Throughout the year, we complete 6 segments of therapy, each for 6 weeks at a time.

Between each segment is one week which we call the Connection Week. This time is reserved for resting and connecting. It allows for the therapy from the previous segment to sink in, and it reduces the burnout of our families and children, who sometimes become overwhelmed.

Caterpillar Process: The Clinic

How it Works:

Step 1


Schedule and attend evaluation and follow-up.

Girl Jumping
Little Boy Jumping

Step 2

Meeting with Evaluator

Approximately two weeks after your child's evaluation, we will have a virtual meeting to review the evaluation results and recommendations.

Step 3

Your Child's Therapy

We typically schedule therapy sessions for a six month period of time. Throughout this period of time, you attend your sessions, and have optional built-in Connection Weeks to have a break from therapy every 6 weeks.

Boy Jumping
Jumping Child

Step 4

Connection Week

Your segment is complete. This is your week of rest and potential! You can use it for self-care, make-up sessions, or just soaking up all the cuteness from your little sweetheart.

Caterpillar Process: Our Services
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