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My son Alex, who was born medically complex, was lucky enough to have Jennifer as one of his therapists. She has such a caring nature, and is incredibly knowledgeable in her field. My son was always so excited to see her, and I truly believe that she was a huge part of what milestones he was able to hit. My son would be almost 15 years old, and I am still in contact with her (over 13 years later). She had a way of reaching him, when a lot of people couldn’t. Alex was very stubborn, and liked to do things his way and in his own time. She found ways to push him to do more, while still making it fun, enjoyable, and almost like it was play. I would highly recommend her to anyone. It would be very hard to find another therapist that could provide the type of care that she is able to do. My sons life was truly better because she was in it.



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Building Skills for the Job of Childhood

Play. Work. Rest. Connect. Balance.

Therapists at Caterpillar Playground are devoted to making therapeutic intervention a tool in your life, rather than a chore. 

Our unique framework benefits the life balance of your family, in addition to your child's development. 

We approach occupational therapy for kids with compassion, understanding, fun, and a wealth of knowledge. We build children's skills in collaboration with your family, staying focused on your priorities and educating you along the way.

We understand the challenges our clients face, and we want your child to be as independent and successful at childhood as they want to be! Childhood can be hard work, and together, we can do hard things. Come and play!

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Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome helpers in our clinic!

We frequently have requests from students of occupational therapy programs, but we are always grateful for anyone who wants to give of their time.

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